Visions of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska on Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare

Demons block the way
“When the sermon was over, I did not wait for the end of the service, as I was in a hurry to get back home.  When I had taken a few steps, a great multitude of demons blocked my way.  They threatened me with terrible tortures, and voices could be heard:  “She has snatched away everything we have worked for over so many years!”  When I asked them, “Where have you come from in such great numbers?”  the wicked forms answered, “Out of human hearts; stop tormenting us!”  - 418

Seeing their great hatred for me I immediately asked my Guardian Angel for help, and at once the bright and radiant figure of my Guardian Angel appeared and said to me, “Do not fear, spouse of my Lord; without His permission these spirits will do you no harm.”  Immediately the evil spirits vanished, and the faithful Guardian Angel accompanied me, in a visible manner, right to the very house.  His look was modest and peaceful, and a flame of fire sparkled from his forehead.

O Jesus, I would like to toil and wear myself out and suffer all my life for that one moment in which I saw Your glory, O Lord, and profit for souls. – 419

Appearance of Satan
During the night, a soul I had already seen before visited me.  However, it did not ask for prayer, but reproached me, saying that I used to be very haughty and vain . . . “and now you are interceding for others while you yourself still have certain vices.”  I answered that I indeed had been vain and haughty, but that I had confessed this and had done penance for my stupidity, and that if I still fell occasionally, this was indeliberate and never premeditated, even in the smallest things.  Still, the soul continued to reproach me, saying, “Why are you unwilling to recognize my greatness?  Why do you alone not glorify me for my great deed as all others do?” Then I saw that this was Satan under the assumed appearance of this soul and I said, “Glory is due to God alone; begone Satan!”  And in an instant this soul fell into an abyss, horrible beyond all description.  And I said to the wretched soul that I would tell the whole Church about this.   – 520

Daily Battle
My Jesus, despite Your graces, I see and feel all my misery.  I begin my day with battle and end it with battle.  As soon as I conquer one obstacle, ten more appear (69) to take its place.  But I am not worried, because I know that this is the time of struggle, not peace.  When the burden of the battle becomes too much for me, I throw myself like a child into the arms of the heavenly Father and trust I will not perish.  O my Jesus, how prone I am to evil, and this forces me to be constantly vigilant.  But I do not lose heart.  I trust in God’s grace, which abounds in the worst misery.  – 606

Ready to battle
(257) Love is a mystery that transforms everything it touches into things beautiful and pleasing to God.  The love of God makes a soul free.  She is like a queen; she knows no slavish compulsion; she sets about everything with great freedom of soul, because the love which dwells in her incites her to action.  Everything that surrounds her makes her know that only God Himself is worth of her love.  A soul in love with God and immersed in Him approaches her duties with the same dispositions as she does Holy Communion and carries out the simplest tasks with great care, under the loving gaze of God.  She is not troubled if, after some time, something turns out to be less successful.  She remains calm, because at the time of the action she had done what was in her power.  When it happens that the living presence of God, which she enjoys almost constantly, leaves her, she then tries to continue living in lively faith.  Her soul understands that there are periods of rest and periods of battle.  Through her will, she is always with God.  Her soul, like a knight, is well trained in battle; from afar it sees where the foe is hiding and is ready (258) for battle.  She knows she is not alone – God is her strength.   – 890

Satan’s attack while writing on mercy
October 11.  This evening, as I was writing about this great mercy of God and its great advantage to souls, Satan rushed into my room with great anger and fury.  He seized the screen and began to break and crush it.  I was a little frightened at first, but I immediately made the sign of the cross with my little crucifix, and the beast fell quiet and disappeared at once.  Today, I did not see this hideous figure but only his anger.  Satan’s anger is terrible, and yet the screen was not shattered or broken, and I went on writing quietly.  I know well that the wretch will not touch me without God’s willing it, but what is he up to?  He is beginning to attack me openly (147) and with such great fury and hate, but he does not disturb my peace for a moment, and this composure of mine makes him furious.  - 713



Divine Mercy

Saint Maria Faustina