An Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory

Background of the manuscript:
This manuscript contains an account of purgatory from a departed religious to a living nun.  It started in November 1873 to November 1890.

1879,  Retreat in September.

Departed religious:  We see St. Michael as we see the angels.  He has no body.  He comes to get the souls that have finished their purification.  It is he who conducts them to Heaven.  He is among the Seraphim as Monsignor said.  He is the highest angel in Heaven.  Our own Guardian Angels come to see us but St. Michael is far more beautiful than they are.  As to the Blessed Virgin, we see her in the body.  She comes to Purgatory on her feasts and she goes back to Heaven with many souls.  While she is with us we do not suffer.  St. Michael accompanies her.  When he comes alone, we suffer as usual.  When I spoke to you of the great and the second Purgatory, it was to try to make you understand the different stages in Purgatory.  Thus I call the stage of Purgatory great or worst where the most guilty souls are, and where I stayed for two years without being able to give a sign of the torments I was suffering.  The year when you heard me groaning, when I began to speak to you, I was still in the same place. 

In the second Purgatory, which is still Purgatory but very different from the first, one suffers a great deal, but less than in the great place of expiation.  Then there is a third stage, which is the Purgatory of desire, where there is no fire.  The souls who did not desire Heaven ardently enough, who did not love God sufficiently in these three parts of Purgatory, there are many degrees of variation.  Little by little, as the soul becomes purified, her sufferings are changed. 

How are you really going to begin to rouse yourself and give yourself to God?  How long have I tormented you on this subject!  The retreat has been a good one and will bear fruit.  The devil is not pleased. 

God greatly loves the Father who gave the retreat.  Tell him I thank him very much for the momentoes he promised to make for me at Holy Mass.  On my part I will not be ungrateful and I will ask God to give him the graces of which he stands in need. 

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The Reparation Society of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Inc.
Baltimore 2006 – 20th printing. Pp.

Nihil obstat – Rev. Msgr. Caroll E. Satterfield, S.T.D.